Monday, April 17, 2006

Fiddling with the Sidebar

As many of you may have noticed, BillyBlog has undergone some cosmetic surgery recently, with a changed layout, and additional items on the sidebar.

The learning curve is becoming easier to cope with and, although there's tons I still haven't figured out, I have been steadily improving BillyBlog with adjustments here and there.

Curious about the weather in Brooklyn? It's at the bottom of the page below the counter. Want to relive my top 20 books? They're all there on the sidebar.

I am also adding a new feature, a listing of blogs dedicated specifically to music. Many sites offer free songs for preview by artists, while encouraging readers to purchase the music. Visitors may right click to save the song(s), or just click and listen. It's pretty cool, and you may discover your new favorite band. On occasion, I'll mention one of them in a post, too. Such as today.... there's a cool blog devoted to music from the 1980's. It's called Lost in the 80's and is sub-titled "Rescuing music from day-glo obscurity." Check it out.

The cool/maddening thing about these blogs is that they, too, have lists of blogs on their sidebars, and you can be sucked into a music blog vortex indefinitely, until you are somehow released from the grip of the blogosphere.

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