Thursday, March 02, 2006

Valerie Lamboy Loves Matthew L., or "Bunny Rabbit Loves Porkupine(sic)"

I was contemplating releasing another Two to the Big Apple at 7-11, when the gentleman in line next to me paid for a lottery ticket and the cashier showed his co-worker one of the bills he had just received.

As I was paying, I asked if I could trade a clean bill for the one he had just received. No problem.

My trade netted me a love letter, funny I should find it while I am in the midst of a Two Recirculation Program.

Anyway, here is what I beheld as I walked out of the store:

More specifically, I am guessing that the person who is doing the loving, also did the writing, or the defacing of government tender, depending on your perspective.

The reverse side shows equal zeal.

And I love the nicknames. Bunny Rabbit not so original, but "Porkupine"(sic) is a nice touch. And note how perfectly it sits on the back, striding perfectly over "The United States of America."

The vandalism occurred on December 15, 2003. So, many questions arise. Does Valerie still love Matthew? Is his initial L. the same as Lamboy? If she married him, and Lamboy was her maiden name, how cool was it that she didn't have to change her monogram?

Anyway, behold: I googled Valerie Lamboy and got a hit in the New York Daily News, reprinted here in full. It is an article summarizing New Yorkers' responses to nominate their mothers for "best in the city". Julian Kesner is the credited writer for the Daily News, which ran this article May 7, 2005:

Isabel Acosta, 53, Brooklyn was nominated by her daughter Valerie Lamboy, 32, Brooklyn

"As a teenager, I had my issues. I didn't want to be around my mother. But when I was 18, I was diagnosed with full-blown pneumonia. They only gave me 12 hours to live at one point, and they had to put me in a coma. Right before I went under, my mother told me, 'The last person you see before you go to sleep will be me, and the first person you see when you wake up will be me.'

"I was in the coma for four months. My mother was there every single day for four months - holding down a job, coming to see me and then going home and having to deal with the emotional stress of me being in the hospital. She didn't know whether I was going to live or die.

"After I woke up, the first person I saw was my mother. When I was well enough to speak, I looked at my mom and asked, 'Were you talking to me? I was dreaming that you were.'

"They told me I wasn't going to be able to walk by myself, breathe by myself or have kids. Now, I'm a mother, and my daughter is 5 years old and I believe that it's a miracle, the result of my mother's love.

Thanks Valerie, for the blogfodder. I bet you didn't know when you scribbled on the single that it would be on the net some day. How many dollar bills out there proclaim your love for Matthew? And think, your single bill not only made BillyBlog's day more interesting, but it refreshed your mother's story and it will continue to sizzle in the ether, pulling at heart strings.

Say hello to Porkupine for me.


Anonymous said...

this is the original valerie lamboy i live in bklyn**sorry billy the dollar bill is not me but the story that was printed in the daily news one year i dedicatd it to my mother is me originally

Anonymous said...

i think this is great tho, i feel like i am famous this is awesome time to find this out Merry Christmas to all. my story is true to life im alive and well breathing on my own and working with my daughter 8 now and mom in her 50's were all together . i wish well to all out there and hope you find ur Valerie Lamboy that wrote the note on the dollar bill. FYI.... you found the one who wrote the true story.

Anonymous said...

I am MATTHEW L. I wrote on those bills and many thousands of bills since in every single denomination, though i do not go by that name any longer, (I change my name every 5-10 years or so for personal reasons) and since I own a very profitable company in real estate, where tons of money passes through my hands (landlords of employ as well as my own) there are more bills out there than you can fathom. It was something I did for the woman that I will love for all of eternity, even though we have been broken up for some time now... Never the less I will love her always and I just got a Tattoo of her name and our anniversary date on my wrist to immortalized my love for her. (I also got my children's names on my chest done) those are the only tattoos that I have. We always meant to get them when we were together but... Well my love for her was true, and I wanted to show it even though she will never know any of this. You did have the wrong Valerie Lamboy... "Mine" was 4' 11", and weighed 93 lbs. She was tiny and petite with cute little feet, just the most beautiful girl.... I messed up though and I will pay for my mistakes for the rest of my life... I would give anything to have made baby bunny rabbits with her. ( she had difficulty comforting, I didn't figure out how to solve that problem until she was already gone) She always wondered how I knew where she would go when she left and later came back to me... The answer is simple Valerie... I always know where you are because I just follow where my heart leads me!!! I will Love you always and forever... You can find me on myspace and face book if you ever want to... My email will never change as well as my P.O.Box (54)... You remember the rest.... Ciao Bella Principessa!