Monday, March 20, 2006

Pearl Jam's new album cover, or is it?

Pearl Jam's new album, cleverly entitled "Pearl Jam," comes out on May 2. Their website, along with that of their new record label, J records, shows this cover art:

But, last week, someone goofed, or teased, or joked, and both the fansite and the label showed the following artwork as the new album cover:

Now, a few other fans I have spoken too have been ambivalent about this. I personally like it. I am also fully aware that very few, if any, of loyal BillyBlog readers give a tinker's dam about what the album looks like. Many of you may even be surprised Pearl Jam is still around. Surprise!

So, who knows? Maybe the album art leaked accidentally, and they're scrambling for a "new" cover. Maybe not.

I still like it.

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