Monday, March 06, 2006

Fun with Bucks

Friday I saw a stamp on a dollar bill, directing me to the website

No, it's not political, although it sounds that way. It is, in fact, a website dedicated to tracking how money travels across the country. It's pretty cool. I logged a buck or two after registering, and encourage others to do so as well.

How about them Oscars? not much to say, really, except I did pretty well predicting the winners, but not well enough to rake up the points in a friends' pool out in L.A., which sounded as if the scoring gave Olympic figure skating judging a run for its money.

I did correctly guess Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor/Actress, Screenplays, and Foreign Film. Not bad, considering all I saw among all nominees was Harry Potter and Star Wars.


bonnie said...

Hi! Is it time for another Tree-that-Grows-In-Brooklyn post yet?

Sorry, I'm just getting overly happy about leaf buds this year. I'm not even sure why, it wasn't a bad winter!

Anonymous said...

I picked most of the major winners too, but I must say, I'm considering an outright ban of the Oscars from now on. I saw all of the best picture nominees and thought that "Crash" should never been nominated. When it won, I had to resist the urge to throw something at the television.

"Brokeback Mountain" really should have won...what a beautiful, sublime and haunting movie, but I digress. I would have been content with "Munich" or "Capote". Even "Good Night and Good Luck" would have been a better choice. "The Constant Gardener" was completely robbed by "Crash" which was melodramatic, manipulative and completely contrived. I was rolling my eyes throughout the second half of that movie and hoping gauze would be easy to find, due to the beating over the head I was getting as a result of the heavy-handed message they were passing along. YAWN!

Okay, sorry, I'm still very angry. I'll get some therapy and report back...