Monday, February 06, 2006

VH1 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock

This weekend, VH1 aired the "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock," a heavenly countdown of the best hard rock acts of all time, as judged by various musicians and music writers. It was our parental obligation to watch this with our children.

I remember when I hated VH1. MTV had real rock videos and VH1 was for old people. Now, in my 39th year, I'm one of the old people. But I still watch Fuse on occasion to keep in touch with what the young whippersnappers are into.

The complete Top 100 list is here. I checked and I am able to say that I've seen 17 of the acts in concert. It would have been 18 had the traffic not been so bad when my pal Tino and I drove to Irvine Meadows to see Metallica. We missed Faith No More opening up, although we did hear them wrapping up with "War Pigs" in the parking lot. Plus, I should get partial credit for seeing Eric Clapton (Cream) and Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin).

Funny Benjie should mention Dokken in the comments on the last post. I saw them open for Judas Priest at the L.A. Forum.


ADP said...

Hello, just reading the list...

You got to see Faith No More? I wish I could of...they were really underrated...popular consensus says they are a one hit wonder, but outside the US...they were HUGE...Mike Patton is one of the most underrated performers of all time

Did you ever get to see Nirvana? Thats my favorite band ever, but I was unfortunately not able to see them before Kurt's murder/suicide

Anyways, yeah...cya...

Tattoosday said...

Never got to see Faith No More, we were late due to traffic. An opportunity to see Nirvana never presented itself. Thanks for commenting!