Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mystery of the Index Card

Hopefully BillyBlog won't turn into FoundFest Brooklyn, but I have been retrieving several wonderful and interesting (at least to me) things from the streets of late. I still have a few more things waiting in the wings, but let's run with this one today.

It was one of those oversized index cards, filled front and back with mysterious code names or something. Upon further investigative googling, I discovered that it is an episode listing of a Disney show called "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," a show that wouldn't have even been on the radar were it not for two young girls under the age of ten sharing my living space.

The writing is a young person's hand, and it is interesting to see they took the time to write out the episodes, when they could have printed the list from the show's wikipedia entry.

What remains a mystery, and what is open to interpretation, is the list of pet store animals that follows, in the same handwriting, but in a different pen. Many of the entries have the mysterious postscript (G&B). A mystery, that may never be solved.

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