Wednesday, February 15, 2006

John Dunning, redux

I finished The Sign of the Book yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dunning's website, actually his bookstore's website provided me with this welcome news:

John will have another Janeway book coming out from Scribner in May 2006. The title is The Bookwoman's Last Fling and takes takes bookman/detective Cliff Janeway to Idaho and the horse racing world in California.

That gives everyone time to read the first four books....

Have been too caught up in the XXth Winter Olympics to be paying attention to anything else in the world. What did people do before DVR? So, have I missed anything? Have the President or Veep done anything of note lately? Or are they too busy watching the Olympics to do anything else?

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Anonymous said...

My beloved Steelers won the Superbowl!! But that happened pre-Olympics, so you probably knew that. I just like repeating that fact.