Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chef Coats

Yet another find from Fourth Avenue, from the same day I found the picture of Ernie and Bert and anonymous child.

Found, Brooklyn, 4th Avenue, February 8, 2006

There's much to talk about here. Many can recognize that this is a delivery ticket for chef coats. New Yorkers will recognize the recipient of the coats is the River Cafe, a fine restaurant situated under the Brooklyn Bridge. We went their for our a9th anniversary two years back, and it was unbelievable. Here's one of their desserts, woth a view from the dining room.

During the evening, the view is even more spectacular:

You can visit their website and salivate here. Be sure to check out their menus and make reservations way in advance.

Getting back to the delivery ticket, I especially like the name of either the driver or recipient of the coats, Nellie. And how did this delivery ticket find its way to our neighborhood, 7 miles away?


Anonymous said...

I am going to start calling you "Mr. Inquisitive"!! What super hero powers do you have?


Tattoosday said...

The only superhero power I have is the ability to make apparent garbage interesting, although to what degree it is interesting is left to the discretion of visitors to BillyBlog. Oh, and I can tell, just by feel, whether a book is a book club edition, or not.