Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Guest Submission

One of BillyBlog's loyal readers, Micah, sent this to me and I thought it most blogworthy.

It was taken at a New York manicurist. My timing is a little off this week, so my posts have been popping up in the evenings. One of these days I'll right myself.

Also, last night the Italian ice dancers redemmed themselves. However, I must dwell on a few lines of brilliant prose froman Italian newspaper:

In its Monday edition, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica described the scene: "Barbara, with horror in her stare, an emptiness inside, would have shot him immediately if she had a pistol."

"It was a shame, but also beautiful," the article added, "that long moment as they stared at one another, everyone expecting them to attack one another.

Ah, one could only have hoped!


Anonymous said...

Did Micah get said Callous treatment???

Anonymous said...

im honored! in answer to MM: Somehow, I seem to get callous treatment for free...