Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stee-rike One!

I arrived at work at 6:30 AM. Current NYC temperature is 22 degrees. It took 25 minutes for me to regain feeling in my toes. Yes Virginia, you can ride a bike in the dark for 11.5 miles in December and smile about it. Although this city is held hostage by this illegal labor action, and the financial impact is immeasurable (on my way in this morning, I was thinking of all the bodegas situated behind bus stops, and all the business they lose from all those commuters waiting for the bus now not waiting for a bus), I know we will survive. Worse things have happened, and New Yorkers unite in their collective suffering.

Or as my daughter Jolee yipped last week when told how a strike would affect her, "Yay, school starts late!"

At least it's not snowing.

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