Saturday, December 24, 2005

Shopping Gone Bad

Ok, this is a stretch, but in the theme of Things I Found on the Subway and Found Magazine, here is my latest find, which I didn't think was worth sending in to Found, but may be worth a gander here.

I found this Thursday evening on the way to picking up the kids with Melanie and Alicia.

First, I love the fact that the insect at the top of the notepad looks like a squashed ladybug.

It's less than a week to Christmas and Channukah. I think, if anything, this would be a wacky holiday shopping list: Toaster, Lamp Shades (How do you wrap those?), Keys to Karen, New Eye Glasses, and the most intriguing "Podiatrist letter."


"Dear Podiatrist:

If my insurance company doesn't cover your services, who will foot the bill?"

Sorry, couldn't resist. Happy holidays.


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Anonymous said...

Whatever is wrong with her, I hope she heels fast.

Happy Chanukah,