Friday, December 16, 2005

ClustrMap Fun!

On occasion, I will add something fun and interesting to BillyBlog's sidebar. The other day I discovered the "ClustrMap" which tracks hits to the blog and plots them on a satellite picture of the world.

The first few days I only had a few dots, with larger dots representing a greater concentration of hits in New York and somewhere in the middle of the country. I also saw spots in L.A., Hawaii, the Bay Area in Northern California and up in Seattle.

This morning I checked and there are indications that people in Europe and South America also checked out BillyBlog.

It's weird, in a way, to think that something I've written is being read by a stranger thousands of miles away. Of course, I have hit the "Next Blog" key on blogspot and checked out Canadian, Australian, European, and Latin American blogs.

Our transit strike was averted, at least temporarily, thanks in part to my efforts to communicate to employees what to do in the event of a strike. Also, my attempt to thwart geography by crashing on a friend's couch in lower Manhattan. So we've avoided the mess for now, although the new deadline is next Tuesday at Midnight.

Tonight we have our company Holiday party at Planet Hollywood in Times Square.

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