Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After.....

Well, we are recuperating still from the craziness of the past week.

I wanted to note two landmarks that had been reached in the last seven days. First, BillyBlog attained its 1500th hit. That's a nice number, as is the other landmark, the 100th post to the site. I was worried when I first started this in September, that I would be able to keep up with it. I joined blogspot in July of 2004, and after a couple of short-lived attempts to get going, I was skeptical.

Here's hoping all me legions of readers had a wonderful Christmas and first night of Chanukah!

This week should be interesting, as my California fam will be in town ringing in the new year and celebrating the 25th anniversary of Leon and Donna Cohen on January 1. They will be flying in tomorrow night and I am taking the week off to join them as they experience the Big Apple's warmer-than-normal end of December.

So, stay tuned, and see what BillyBlog brings for the remainder of 2005!

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