Monday, October 17, 2005

Unusual Items on My Desk at Work

Ok, those who know me know that I am a packrat and can tend to be a little cluttered. I've changed my settings here so that you do not (or should not) have to be registered with Blogger to post comments. So I ask, nay, I insist that you participate in this bit of meme, and play along at home. (What's a meme? Click here for some background).

Aside from regular desk crap, list all the unusual items you have on your desk. For example, these are the unusual items on my desk at work:

Stuffed "Catbert: the Evil HR Director" doll.

Three shot glasses: one from Trinidad Tobago, one from the Dominican Republic, and one from Guatemala.

A St. Lucia key chain.

Two political buttons, both with pictures of George W. Bush, one reads, "The Emperor has no brains" and the other says "A VILLAGE IN TEXAS HAS LOST ITS IDIOT."

A bottle of "Bull Snort Butt Burner" Jalapeno Pepper Sauce.

Two coffee mugs, one of Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas, the other from the TV show, "The Apprentice" that says in BIG RED LETTERS "YOU'RE FIRED."

A small circular tupperware container (3.25 inches wide, 3.25 inches tall) containing tea. This was a memento of an employee I liked very much who was laid off last October.

A small green glazed "pinch pot" made by Shayna in kindergarten, containing 62 cents.

The May/June and September/October issues of The American Poetry Review.

A CD case from the New York Public Library that holds the album Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants. (It's eclectica like that which explains how I have 7300 tracks on my iPod (also on my desk).

Ok, that was fun. Now you go.

Disclaimer: Those items that you may feel are "inappropriate" to be displayed visibly on the desk of a Human Resources Director are located strategically and positioned in such a way so that people sitting in front of my desk would not see them.


Anonymous said...

Okay...I'll play. It's not very interesting though.

Currently on my desk:

A special edition of Time Magazine...the Style & Design issue.

The NYU Bulletin for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, which I keep solely because of the Van Gogh cover. It's not really all that nice, but it covers up a water mark on a severly blemished desk.

Two hard bound books, one for Open Poker Rules in written in English, Czech and German and the other, a general casino plan, also in the above-mentioned three languages.

A post-it, with my uncle's hotel name and locating written on it...we're meeting for drinks.

The women's bathroom key, which I've cleverly attached to a binder clip so that I won't lose it.

One half-eaten pack of Hall's Sugar Free Black Cherry cough drops.

One half-eaten pack of Halls Defense Vitamin C supplement drops (too late...the bird flu is here!)

My favorite, $0.39 blue bic pen.

This morning's coffee.

Tattoosday said...

Previous Post was from Jill, she must have hit the "Anonymous" button on the comment form.