Saturday, October 08, 2005

Billy Needs....

Saw this and thought I'd try it....a poet whose blog I read on occasion (, Gina Myers, suggested this. Her results were better than mine, partly because her name is a name and my name, Bill, is a noun. So I used Billy instead.

Try it and have fun! Go to google and type the words "Billy needs". Obviously, you'd use your name instead. This is what I got:

Billy Needs Help

Billy needs to play

Ninja Billy needs you to share your talent and wisdom with everyone!

Uncle Billy needs to do some cleaning!

"Billy needs me," she cried. "Billy needs me. Oh, I know Billy needs me."

Billy needs his boots.

Billy needs Brittany in his life because he can't have her.

Billy needs cards in the hospital.

Billy needs a new home. Maybe payday loans can help Billy afford one.


Billy needs a disguise so that his boss, Whitney, will not recognize him and spoil things.

In order to defeat the crows, Billy needs to roll eggs into them.

All Billy needs is the raw courage to join the girls in their ramshackle, er,ballet lesson!

Billy needs training and from a qualified "behavior modification" expert.

When Billy needs an airplane to tell his story, he magically constructs one out of a round table and a couple of straight-backed chairs.

The very last thing Billy needs are chillingly anonymous threats.

Billy needs a rock band.

Billy needs your lobes.

Billy needs to step up and truly fill the role of Captain Marvel.

billy needs his butt spanked.

Billy needs to escape.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Billy and I DO need all of those things! Who would've thought? Thank you for all your help.