Wednesday, October 12, 2005

San Diego Zoo Coup

Ok, so we all know the California Los Angeles Anaheim Orange County Disneyland Angels in the Outfield defeated the Yanks of New York two nights ago. Please note the Yanks at least went down fighting, unlike those "idiots" in Boston. However, this post is not to lament the end of another disappointing season (silver lining: no more late nights watching the Bronx Bombers in a nail-biter). Rather, I'd like to give props to the marketing Genius at the San Diego Zoo who booked the outfield wall space in Angel Stadium of Anaheim. It is heartening to see that, despite selling its wall space, they don't play at "Disney Stadium" or some other corporate moniker. Nevertheless, one not following baseball might have thought that the Zoo folks paid a pretty penny for prime advert space on the front page of The New York Times. Every major paper seemed to focus on a key photo of two Yankees bungling a fly ball in front of the ad space. I mean, look again, that's a pretty big photo for the front page of The Times. Imagine if the home team had won?

Anyway, Yankee-haters nationwide subliminally have a greater hankering for the pleasures of the San Diego Zoo (91.78 miles from Angel Stadium, incidentally) whereas New Yorkers may be forever adverse to visiting. Still, publicity is publicity.

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