Sunday, October 09, 2005

One full month of blogging....

Have surpassed one full month of blogging consistently. Hooray! If a blog falls on the internet, but no one reads it, did it exist?

A pleasant surprise today. Melanie and I were making a regular journey through our bookshelves, culling out items for donation when we came across a hardcover of John Irving's My Movie Business. This book, which I have not read, came out a few years back and dealt with, among other things, the filming of his novel The Cider House Rules. The book was obtained by me from Barnes & Noble from the remainder table, $4.98, with an additional 50% off sticker, $2.49. I said something like "We can probably get rid of that." Melanie opens it up and points, "Even though it's signed?"

[Split second of silence]

Um, this book was signed when I plopped it off the remainder table for a pittance. It's no Garp, prices range from $40 to $175 on Gotta love the net! Still, amusing to find a signed Irving when I didn't even know I had one.

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