Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fishbone at the Knitting Factory!

Often I get chortles from folks when they learn I have a mySpace page. But if it's okay for Kurt Vonnegut, it's okay for me.

Besides, most of my "friends" are bands I follow and by subscribing to their myspace blogs, I am alerted whenever they make an announcement. Had I not been a friend of Fishbone and a subscriber to their blog, I wouldn't have been alerted to their last-minute concert announcement, playing the Knitting Factory in NYC on December 28.

Sure, we saw Fishbone just three months ago at CBGB's, but the nice thing about underappreciated bands is that it is affordable to see them more than once in a short period of time.

Fishbone released their latest studio album in Europe only. No U.S. distributor, apparently. The disc, called Still Stuck in Your Throat, is available through Amazon.UK and is pretty decent. Expect a more thorough report next week after the show.

You can hear streaming tracks on the bands' MYSPACE pages. I'm unfamiliar with the "special guests," but it should be a ska-tabulous night!

Fishbone on MYSPACE MUSIC here

Shootyz Groove on MYSPACE MUSIC here.

Eclectic Collective on MYSPACE MUSIC here.

Butterbrain on MYSPACE MUSIC here.

A live Fishbone performance, "The Suffering":

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