Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Best Movie Trailer Mash-Ups of '06

A new trend in '06 (or at least new to my level of cultural consciousness) was the fake movie trailer, or a movie trailer mash-up. To clarify, the appropriation of a movie trailer and the application of music and voice-overs to totally alter the feel of the film. Case in point, here's Ten Things I Hate About Commandments:

That's #3 on GIANT magazine's "Ten Best Fake Movie Trailers of the Year".

See all ten here.

Particularly enjoyable are Mel Gibson's Signs of Anti-Semitism (#8), Seinfeld (#4 - warning: includes uncensored Michael Richards at his lowest hour), and Shining (#2), recut as a romantic comedy.

Head on over to see what made their top spot!

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