Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Worst Album Covers

This is ranked #1 as the best of the worst ten album covers on the Pork Tornado blog here.

I like this one particularly (it translates to "For the First Time") as I have a good friend named Tino and this is a great way to see if he reads my blog.

So what do you all think? Want to add some terrible album cover to the mix? Send me a comment and I'll post it here. And don't forget to go to Bandmadness. Vote in the lower brackets for the better band.

Here is another memorable bad album cover:

And the scariest:


Jenise said...

Is Hasselhoff on your list because you do not care for him or because you are shocked he even released an album or because his jeans are to studdly?

Oxypoet said...

The Hoffster is a god in Germany, so I know he recorded albums. I just find him ridiculous.

Jenise said...

agreed!!! Stud Muffins RULE! hee hee!