Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Parent of the Year

The publishers of Stupid Parent magazine announced today that they were not waiting until the end of the year to award their coveted "Parent of the Year" prize. They have decided to present the award early to Britney Spears, as she has gone above and beyond the call of duty. An SP magazine spokesperson said, "Britney is the perfect illustration that money can't buy good parenting skills or even a nanny with good childcare sense."

On a side note, a formal complaint against Ms. Spears has been filed by the ASPCA claiming that her loosely strapping a young infant in a carseat in a convertible is cruel to the eagles and hawks circling overhead, as they would have little to no chance at successfully extracting a sun-burned Sean Preston Federline from a moving vehicle and could be in harms way if they even made the attempt.


Jenise said...

Am I seeing this right? Is this kid totally flopped over to one side??? Am I really seeing this? Oh joy... and she is having another... oh joy!

Oxypoet said...

To clarify: that child is 8 months old, in a front-facing car seat (should be rear-facing), in a convertible Mini Cooper.