Monday, October 31, 2005

New, Quick Read

The Bay Ridge Jewish Center has a new reading group, with our first meeting tomorrow night. We are starting off short with Michael Chabon's The Final Soultion; A Story of Detection. Melanie has finished it and I am just starting, but at 130 pages, should be good to finish it by tomorrow night.

So far, so good.

What else?

It is Halloween and I have not quite gotten into it here. Unfortunately, the nature of my job is such that an all-out costume could be problematic. You don't want to be addressing employee issues while in some sort of get-up.

I'm wearing my Nightmare Before Christmas shirt and have a clown mask and a wig if the spirit moves me.

One of my HR staff spoke of a woman on the train this morning who was not making any friends in her elaborate ostrich costume. Apparently, it is best to avoid crowded subway trains while sporting large feathers. Go figure.

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