Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Famous Classmates, part 1

I don't remember this guy. He was in my class at Occidental College. I don't remember seeing him, but based on his interests, I'm assuming we didn't cross paths very often. He was an English minor, so I may have had a class with him. Who knows?

I asked classmate Tino about him and he says he remembers him, but not well. Tucker was a Poli Sci major, so maybe that was it. Incidentally, his photo does not appear in any of the four La Encina yearbooks. Guess he was too busy doing something else. Wonder what that could have been....

You can read about Joel Tucker (Oxy '89) in the Los Angeles City Beat here.


Jenise said...

You never know what is going to be the outcome of a college student! I think that is the cool thing about college, it opens your mind to so many possibilities~ kinda a cool article!

Jenise said...

The other thing I was thinking was perhaps he would have made a great owner of "98% straight" or "Hamburger Mary's" but that doesn't sound as lucrative as what he has going on now and he wasn't an Iolani grad so... he may have never heard of them. Silly stuff to be sure.