Monday, October 30, 2006

Small World

BillyBlog has been more popular lately, averaging 40 hits a day (when it often resided in the low 20s), quietly surpassing the 9000 hit mark (10,000 just around the corner!)

However, I got a comment last night on a one-year old post and encourage people to re-read it, or visit it for the first time. Then read the comments. The last one, posted last night, enhances the story, and reminds us what a small world this is, even smaller thanks to the vast universe of the net.

The old post is here.

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Taylor said...

Hey! I was up in New Jersey for a wedding this past weekend, and we drove up to NYC before we left, just to drive around. I haven't been there in forever, driving on those rodes is SO SCAREY! Haha. Luckily it was my dad driving, and not me. I can't wait to go there for real and walk around. It's just such an awesome city.

Just thought i'd say hi! :-)