Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Poetry Bus etc etc etc yadda yadda yadda

Why am I torturing all of you who don't give a fig about the Poetry Bus? Why am I giving you detailed accounts of poets and poems that don't interest you?

Because I can.

Listen, I love BillyBlog. It is near and dear to me. But it harbors a dark secret that many of you might not know. BillyBlog is a murderer.

More specifically, BillyBlog killed my journal. Between January 1993 and August 2005, I journaled pretty regularly, filling 22 volumes of blank books with thoughts, poems, screams and lamentations. In August 2005, I purchased a blank journal from the Borders in Hilo, and began filling it. In the first week of September 2005, the journal died.

Sort of. Technically, BillyBlog did not murder my journaling. The journal still exists, picked up occasionally and scribbled in. But it's now fourteen months and running, a new record, and miles to go before I sleep.

One of the things that would go in the journals was the recitation of the course of events at poetry readings. Because BillyBlog has replaced my journal, in a sense, you, fair reader, reap the benefits of the crime.

Because I dare not further bore readers (yes, there have been rumblings) with this and the last two installments, when they appear, they will be abbreviated and will culminate with a link to read the rest of the entry, which will appear under the September 30, 2006 date. For example:

Read the rest of this post (The Poetry Bus Hits Manhattan, Part 5) here.

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