Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Poetry in Motion: Lady Liberty by Nathalie Handal

There are still a few of these posters around, although I snapped a photo of this one on November 16, 2015:

Lady Liberty by Nathalie Handal

              All stars lead to this city,

she's an angel unfolding midnight

         a river of invisible trumpets

              and sidewalks of moons,

                              she's the blues

                        drunk on the light

                  commuting with love

                                on a sailboat
                                  that's found

                         the perfect island.

~ ~ ~

Visit the MTA Poetry in Motion page here.

Bios of the poet and the artist whose work in the subway that serves as the backdrop for the poem above, which was one of only two released in 2015, appears on the site here. You can also click on the Poetry in Motion tag at the bottom of the post to see prior BillyBlog posts about the series.

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