Sunday, July 12, 2009

42 Days of 42: Day 10 - Adventures in Googling

Forty-Two (Adventures in Googling)

Forty-two is an abundant number,
the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything,
version one-point-six is the easiest way to convert a DVD into an AVI movie,
a bidding domino game,
scientific facts about the demise of forty-two have been largely exaggerated,
an Athenian software company,
Mr. Forty-Two Roads is back from his conference in Switzerland!
a fresh art gallery in Door County, Wisconsin,
another Apted film
a number in a George Bellows painting
forty-two pages in
(yes, I go that far)
I hit the goldmine:

Forty-Two new condos in the Old First Ward
Forty-two million iPods. Which is mine?
i am a forty-two year old female that had braces as a teen.

And there are forty-two reasons to stop this poem.

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Marylin Makeup said...

Hey, is this Billy Cohen from Hawaii? I think I found you via a google search for Rurik. It's Marylin, Patrick Lee's sister.