Friday, November 21, 2008

Two More Nurse Novels from the Vestibule

I have found two more "nurse" novels in the vestibule and, amazingly, they were all written by different people. The first is "an Arlene Hale Nurse Romance," Community Nurse:

I love the expressions in the cover art:

The back cover gives a nice synopsis, and I love that last line:

Maybe I'm transfixed by this, because it was published the year I was born, 1967?

How about this gem from Helene Chambers Schellenberg:

Again, the cover art is what draws me in...look at these expressions:

And, oh, their off-duty hours!

Is it any wonder that women were (and often still are) under the impression that they couldn't have both career and marriage? This one is from 1968.

Plus, here's a whole list of nurse books. I wonder how many are left, undiscovered, in the vestibule?


Ben said...

In the link you posted ( , did you click on his other pages? This guy wastes more time than you and I both.

Ben said...

My R.N. wife just confessed to me that she has a copy of "The Nurse from the Black Lagoon". I will not let her rest until she finds it for you.