Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mustache Scissors

This piece of found detritus has all sorts of weird wonderfulness to enjoy.

First of all, the great philosophical question: "Celebrate Xmas?"

Regardless of whether to celebrate the holiday, he definitely needs a "SonaPillow from Brookstone (for snoring)". Curious? The product is here.

He (or she) needs pajamas (loose) and mustache scissors.

Then, taxes.

Next we have the stream of consciousness fragment: "Something as I enter office - yellow plastic bag ???"

And we wrap up with the three items listed perpendicular to the majority of the text, written on the left side of the paper:

Sofa? Tape measure? Wheelie

And I love how the "l" in "Wheelie" looks like a little heart.

1 comment:

Eric Valentine said...

The notes of an office prankster maybe? Lots of room for speculation.

You do find some very interesting things. :)

Thanks for the chuckle. ;)