Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Poetry Bus (the End), The Bears, and More Hawai'i News

And so it goes.....

Exhausted this morning from staying up and watching the end of the Bears-Cardinals game last night. One of the most exciting NFL endings in recent memory. Do yourself a favor and watch the Sports news today to catch highlights.

I have posted the seventh and final installment of the Poetry Bus Hitting Manhattan here.

I've been inundated with readers lamenting the lack of recent poetry reading play-by-play summaries. I apologize, but you can scroll down to September 30, or use the links in the sidebar to relive the whole experience.

There's breaking news on The Honolulu Star-Bulletin website here. What's up? More aftershocks? Nah, just Pearl Jam announcing they're closing their U.S. tour in Honolulu, a week before the play with U2 at Aloha Stadium. Kings of Leon is the opening band. We were planning on going but the New York State Lottery Commission is not cooperating.

Here's a close-up of that highway damage from yesterday's post:

Kind of inconvenient for the folks along that stretch of road (BillyBlogMom's route to Hilo), but no one was hurt seriously, so Hawai'i had that blessing. All's well back at the ranch!

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Benjie516 said...

All's well in 'Lulu, too. Aloha, and go Bearsss!