Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tino Recommends..... (Metallica Edition)

My friend Tino was telling me via text messages how many cool things YouTube has to offer. "Agreed," I told him, "but what are you finding so awesome?" He rattled off a list of cool videos of rare hard rock/heavy metal performances that are truly remarkable.

"Ok," I told him, "send me the links, and I'll share them on BillyBlog."

The following clips were Tino's picks for the week, the Metallica edition.

An early Metallica demo of "Ride the Lightning" with original lead singer, Dave Mustaine on vocals (audio only):

"Creeping Death" - Demo Version (audio only):

Metallica's classic "Whiplash" covered by Anthrax in 2003:

Thanks to Tino for sharing these clips!

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