Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Personal History Quiz: Why Do I Look So Angry?

Why does this child look so upset?

A) The Detroit Tigers had high hopes of a stellar season, and were falling significantly below those expectations, playing sub-.500 ball.

B) The Prince Valiant hairstyle

C) Those crazy 1973 kiddie rock star pants.

D) The recent resignation of President Nixon.

E) All of the Above

The Answer: As tempting as "All of the Above" may be, this photo from August 1973 captured me in a foul mood for an unknown reason. But if I had to guess, it had to be the pants. The '73 Tigers finished 3rd in the American League East, so it wasn't that terrible a year.

I wore that hairstyle for another eleven years, which effectively spared me from dating in high school.

I didn't give a fig about Nixon. Although I still remember the day he resigned, and my father telling me as we watched the news coverage ending, "Remember this day, Billy, it is a day that will go down in history". Or something similar to that.

So, let's go with the pants.


Douchess of York said...

Sir, the truth is: you knew it took 35 more years before my blog would appear on the world wide web. But you were in full drag already not knowing where the feast would be!


Leon said...

Could it simply be that you were 6 years old and acting your age? :~D