Tuesday, December 11, 2007

35,000th visit!

At 10:58 EST on December 7, 2007, BillyBlog registered its 35,000th hit. The visit cam from the United Technologies Research Center in Hartford, Connecticut. From what I can tell, the individual googled Pearl Jam and Philadelphia (I think) and got this poster image which then linked to BillyBlog.

Something happened, by the way, on or around December 1. My visits spiked both on BillyBlog and on Tattoosday, and from what I can tell, the hits came via google images. It's nice to have the extra traffic!

1 comment:

Leon said...

And. . .isn't December 1 the date that you returned from your self-imposed hiatus? ;-D

Happy 7th day of Chanukkah!

- Dad