Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Garden in Transit

Visitors to New York City this Fall may notice a little extra color on the city streets. Behold some pictures from yesterday out my office window:

What's up with our cabs? The answer:

Garden in Transit is a public art project that will be displayed on New York City’s yellow taxicabs in the Fall of 2007. This privately-funded project will celebrate the 100th anniversary of New York's first traditional metered taxicab as part of TAXI '07, an initiative led by the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the Design Trust for Public Space.

As part of this groundbreaking motivational art, education, and creative therapy project, over 23,000 children and adults from schools, hospitals, and community programs across NYC have painted vibrant flowers on adhesive weatherproof panels that, with YOUR help, will be applied to the hoods, trunks and/or roofs of thousands of taxis this fall.

More info on their site here.

I love this city!


Eric Valentine said...

That is a sizeable and worthwhile undertaking, certainly colorful. :)

Anonymous said...

And... one of my members, Chana painted a cab!