Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do I Like French Beer? Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

Slowly, slowly progressing through my beers o' the month. My second taste came from here:

There's a "sophisticated" description here. Personally, I didn't like it too much, and Melanie liked it less. It had a bitter aftertaste that just didn't sit right with me. I'll still drink it, but only when all others have gone the way of the gullet.

Next I sampled another French beer, a self-described "Abbey Ale" from St. Druon.
The bottle pictured is slightly different than the one I drank. This was significantly better than the Jenlain, although they came from the same brewer. More info here. This brew had less of a bitter taste and was generally more pleasing to the palette. Again, you won't get an analytical thesis from me on the difference between the two brews. I just liked the St. Druon more.

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