Saturday, September 08, 2007


Well, ladies and gents, I didn't think when I launched BillyBlog two years ago today, that I would be able to stick with it. I had fizzled out on several prior blogging attempts.

But on September 8, 2005, BillyBlog was officially launched with a photo of my two children on their first day of school. That first post is linked here. Compare the photo with the kids' picture from this past Tuesday, when Shayna entered third grade and Jolee started middle school in the sixth grade:

So Happy Birthday to Me!


Leon said...

Add those are 2 mighty fine looking young ladies! Being their paternal grandfather I should know.

Oh yeah! Congrats on your 2nd Blogiversary too!

Eric Valentine said...

May I add my grats also on your 2nd blogiversary. Good comparison pics with the kids. :)