Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pearl Jam Aussie Beach Towel - Sweeet!

So I periodically check the Pearl Jam fan site because they occasionally throw up tour posters that are collector's items, and many consider serious works of art. Earlier this week, this appeared, a variation of the Poster for this past Summer's show in L.A.

Only this was listed as an "Aussie Tour Beach Towel". I snagged one. The following day, an e-mail went out to all fanclub members that there were new items in the band store, and this item was gone within 24 hours.

I received mine Friday. I could have bought two and thrown one up on eBay, like this guy might have done here, but I didn't want to risk fanclub revocation. Unlikely, buy why risk it? Anyway, these are now listed on eBay for $90 and $100 on two separate auctions. Let's see how they do. I'm keeping mine.

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