Monday, February 05, 2007

Gratuitious Soccer Dad Post

Shayna, youngest spawn of BillyBlog, is a ferocious soccer chick. She is currently on an indoor soccer team and Sunday, February 4, found her undefeated gold squad playing a less-skilled green squad. Not only were they less skilled, but they were also short-handed and the gold team gave a couple players to the other team to even things up.

Shayna and Annie, the other girl on the team, scored 5 of the gold team's goals in an 11-0 rout. If Shayna had been on the losing side, I may be less inclined to pride. I feel kind of guilty relishing such a victory, but I am still proud.

Shayna, admittedly, scored a couple of cheap goals at the expense of a drowsy green defense who were evidently no match for Shayna's aggressiveness on offense. Annie had a hat trick and Shayna would have had one too, were it not for some silly rule that states that you can't kick it in on a kick-off from mid-field without another player touching it first. (Just kidding, it's not a silly rule, and it was a sweet shot nonetheless.)

Anyway, I have two very brief clips below of both Shayna's goals. I am in no way saying they were amazing, but that doesn't make me any less proud. She saw a weakness in the defense and took advantage of it. Twice. There's a question as to whether she was playing too close and not giving the green team the opportunity to kick it out. You can even hear me in the second clip cuationing Shayna to allow them more space.

It should be noted, however, that both goals were allowed, and no protests, formal or informal, were filed.

Goal 1

Goal 2


Cristina said...

I've played indoor soccer. That's one tough sport for an adult, let alone kids.

BillyBlog, you have a soccer prodigy on your hands!
: )

Micah Kelber said...

The leap at the end of the goal is just plain wonderful. I could watch it over and over.