Thursday, November 16, 2006

Soul Asylum Finishes

9:20 PM

Soul Asylum ended with "Stand Up and Be Strong," with 3 extra guitarists
who they identified by name only. It was a rousing finale which was precede
by their 2 biggest hits, "Runaway Train" and "Black Gold".

In all, a decent set. Their new album is called "Silver Lining".

Well, according to the Cheap Trick website, they are scheduled to go on at
9:45, in about 20 minutes.

I imagine I'll post less during their set, which runs around 75 minutes or

There was a nice clip shown on the screen above the stage before Soul
Asylum came out, one of the characters from Fast Times at Ridgemont High,
touting the band in the movie.

Great seats. Great music. Great night.

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