Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday Stuff

If you watched the show NUMB3RS on CBS last night, you may have seen a familiar face. Look carefully:

See the Asian man at the top of the screen, in the tie and vest? He's about to assassinate a senator. The FBI is watching him on a closed-circuit monitor. They're zeroing on the suspect. Now look again. The gentleman right in front of him with silver hair and glasses. The grandfather of BillyBlog, blessed be he. Dear Old Dad snagged a split second of airtime right before the bullets started to fly. Way to go Dad!

Next, hop on over to the blog Culture Bully. The linked post pertains to Beck's performance as musical guest on Saturday Night Live on October 28, 2006. And because the suits at GE and NBC won't allow their shows to pop on YouTube, video clips of the show are scarcer than most. But if this doesn't give you a taste (the Culture Bully post, that is), NBC is re-airing the show tonight (Saturday, November 25, 2006) at 11:30 P.M. The performances are accompanied by marionettes, Beck in miniature, and the musicianship is phenomenal. The second performance of "Clap Hands" is particularly foot-stomping. TiVo or DVR or it, or do what they did in the old days, watch it as it airs. It's worth suffering through all the rest of SNL to catch the tunes.

I'm a little bit excited because the new Fishbone CD came in the mail today. Look for a review in the next week or so. The disc, called Still Stuck in Your Throat is only available in Europe and has not been dropped in the U.S. of A. Thank goodness for for those special items. I may also review the "new" Beatles CD Love, which is based on the Cirque de Soleil show of the same name. I've listened to it and it is amazing...a must for any Beatles fan. My copy's stuck at work.

That should get you through Saturday, if not the weekend. Aloha.

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