Monday, November 06, 2006

Romantic Love Letter

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Romantic Love Letter

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11017 Ashley Dr.
Rockville, MD 21547

September 5, 2004

Dear Robert:

I was just reminiscing about Saturday evening; it was such a perfect night.

The subtle breeze made me shiver from time to time, but I'm so glad they had a table for us outside. What a wonderful way to spend an autumn evening.

Sitting across the table from you, listening to your fascinating stories, I was mesmerized.

You're so passionate and intense when you speak of the things you love. I find that so attractive.

The wine you selected was perfect. Sipping it from the delicate glass enhanced the taste and it warmed my body as it filled up my insides.

Dinner was sumptuous. The pasta was so flavorful; I savored every bite, sucking each strand of linguini slowly through my pursed lips as I listened to you speak.

It was a luscious meal, and you were a delicious date.

I loved it after dinner when we sat there gazing into each other's eyes sipping our wine. After each sip, the subtle taste of wine lingered on my lips, and I licked them so slowly, catching every last drop. And when you touched my lip with your finger, capturing that one drop of wine that I missed, and then licked your finger, a tingling sensation flooded my entire body.

After dinner, as we walked along the sidewalk hand-in-hand, I realized just how much I love being with you, sharing a meal with you, talking with you, and being a part of your life.

Love and affection,


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