Monday, January 02, 2006

Butterflies in the New Year

Hi all. We visited the American Museum of Natural History today. They have a butterfly exhibit
which allows visitors into a large room that butterflies and moths like. I snapped a couple of shots of some rather friendly exhibits who were kind enough to pose for me. The one on the left, if you click on the photo, even has a little bubble of water attached to his proboscis (I think). Click on the images for more extreme views!

In addition to the regular exhibits, we visited the dinosaurs and the Darwin exhibit. Prior to entering the Über-hell of Intelligent Design proponents, we passed by some amphibians. Shayna nabbed the quote of the day, pointing out to her sister a particularly interesting display of frog reproduction: "Look Jolee! They're playing leap frog!"

Back to work tomorrow, so my little mini-tour of New York is on temporary hold.

Please continue having a happy new year!

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