Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I was hurting for content today and didn't want to borrow, so I unearthed this gem, which I don't really ever see a market for, so it will live a short life here, and then die an anonymous death. Comments are appreciated.

I believe I was playing the "give me a word and I'll write a poem" game, played most successfully by my pal Jill. This one, if memory serves me right, came from my friend Chris. His word was "Aspen". What follows is the bastard child born of that word:


He kept his donkey in an ass-pen.
As a child, he would always
ask his mother for a children's Asp'in
whenever he had a headache.
He became famous in the wrestling world
for his unbeatable move
known only as "The Ass Pin."
He was always taking other people's cars
and going for a spin.
He was fond of poisonous snakes and
housed his favorite
asp in a giant aquarium.
He died one year in Aspen,
victim of a freak accident,
clutching an Oakland
A's pennant as pins
and needles dropped
on the asphalt
resulted in a blowout,
his car in a spinout,
in the wreckage
gaspin' for air.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's fun! We need to start that game up again...maybe with "Chris Penn"...it's kind of close to Aspen. Could be a nice tribute to him on the day of his death.