Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Tattooed Poets Project: Rebecca Wolff

Today's poem comes to us from Rebecca Wolff.


Mad as Hell/Not Going To Take It

When they tapered off my meds
                (no “they”)
began to feel it

they say depression is anger

                   (no “they” anywhere)

tapered off my meds unsupervised

food tastes larger
loins activate
crystal reformation

into pronoun conversion

was elected to become
accounted for

raised my hands into


feeling politicized


long sigh.

feeling it at the gas pump
fumes unchained

—I will report you—

squad car drove up
my tailpipe

called my friend

to see what he could do for us


Be sure to head over to Tattoosday to see a couple of Rebecca's seven tattoos here.

Rebecca Wolff is the author of three books of poems: Manderley, Figment, and The King. Her novel The Beginners is coming out in 2011 from Riverhead Books. She is the editor and publisher of Fence and Fence Books, and publisher of The Constant Critic. She lives in Athens, New York, with Ira Sher and Asher Wolff and Margot Sher.

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her poetry with us here on BillyBlog!

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