Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Tattooed Poets Project: Chenelle Milford

Today's poem comes to us from Chenelle Milford:

Little Red Riding Hood

Piano breaking as keys break beneath my bloodied fingers.
I want to knock down your house of cards glued haphazardly.

I will fall off this table without regret without seeing the sunset,
It is of no matter here in this structure; I will blow your house down.

No insurance for your house of brick, no house of stone compares,
No wolf ever shows himself before the hunter realizes his guise.

I held this wolf near only to watch him scowl away and haunt;
A hunter only hunts with a house of cards his easiest target.

His alcoholic breath could blow this house down almost too
Neatly; I’m trying not to feel out of luck with my house of cards

Blown down. You will never let me forget how you’ve blown
Before and how you will blow again, but you will forget my blow.

The Gulf Shores are the only warmth in this physical world, but your
Haunting is aiding in the cooling of the waters all around my shell.

Please be sure to head over to Tattoosday to check out a couple of Chenelle's tattoos here.

Chenelle C. Milford, a native Californian and poet, is the manager, web-designer, consultant, all-around aficionado, and archivist of the Joe Milford Poetry Show. She is the founder and editor of the new literary journal, Scythe. Additionally, she is a film-maker, writer, humanist, and a wonderful wife and mother. Together, Joe and Chenelle Milford are compiling an extensive online sonic archive, a library of archived materials that can be accessed, which share writing and impressive interviews of many of today's established and up-and-coming poets. Some of her work is displayed on New Aesthetic. She now resides in rural Georgia with her husband and two daughters. She is working on college and writing poetry as time permits.

Thanks to Chenelle for her participation in the Tattooed Poets Project!

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