Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Tattooed Poets Project, Day 16: Nathan Logan

Today's poem is from Nathan Logan:

Good Apocalypse

Today is National Velociraptor
Awareness Day. Are you stocked
up on repellent? I have a couple
cans and a net gun. The bowling alley
had all the laser-activated vests,
so dyed snowballs were used during
the zombie crawl. We did not breakout
in spontaneous Michael Jackson
dance. That's a sure sign of bird flu.
I petitioned the university to declare
a phlebotomist appreciation day, but
it fell on deaf ears. If I had to list
my top three fears, it would be: being
eaten by a dinosaur, turning into a
member of the undead, and dancing
uncontrollably to a Michael Jackson
song. I know there's a small chance
of any of these things happening, but
it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Having
a phlebotomist day would at least
provide a deep breath, which is always
good while breathing underwater.

Nathan Logan is a MFA candidate at Minnesota State University Moorhead. He has four tattoos and a lip ring. He is the author of the chapbook Holly from Muncie (Spooky Girlfriend Press, 2008). His work has appeared in/is forthcoming from: No Tell Motel, pax americana, The Scrambler, SIR!, and Taiga.

Please be sure to head over to Tattoosday to see Nathan's literary tattoo here.

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