Friday, April 10, 2009

The Tattooed Poets Project, Day 10: Jackie Sheeler

Jackie Sheeler is a poet, musician, and performance artist in New York City. Here is her contribution for today's entry in the Tattooed Poet's Series:


It’s nothing but an enemy:
this chubby husk with its lust

for inebriants and drama, its shabby
teeth and sheath of biodegrading skin:

a tiresome history in scars.

This is no silhouette to savor
or love, but a sack of cracked brick to toss

into the nearest, deepest lake
and let sink, gradual as pregnancy,

shocked numb in a slow-motion plummet

through water of ice, water of wind-
pipe and lung: let it be slung

down to the muddy bottom
where every body’s welcome waits and let

the weight of it come off of me at last.

Thanks to Jackie for her contribution to this series.

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Thanks to Jackie for sharing her poetry with us here at BillyBlog!

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