Wednesday, April 30, 2008

30 31 Poems in 30 Days: BillyBlog's Favorites, An Introduction

For the month of April, National Poetry Month, I will be counting down my Top 30 31 Favorite Poems, one a day (and an extra one during the month), for the entire month. If you abhor poetry, mark your calendar to come back here in May, because 98% of the April posts will be poetic.

This list will be a hybrid list, of sorts. I will basically merge the list of my favorite poems and favorite poets, so that I will only be offering one poem per poet. You won’t be seeing ten Charles Simic poems, or five Bukowski works. Once a poet appears, that’ll be it for the remainder of the month.

I will choose a poem that I like the most from the poet in question, although I may plug books. In some cases, longer poems will be edited for size.

So let's get started.....

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