Tuesday, April 01, 2008

BillyBlog's Favorite Poems, #30 (Christian Bök)

I am going to break the mold right off the bat and state that favorite poem #30 is not a poem, but a poet.

But, to be fair, I'll drill down and say it is a sequence of poems that was composed by Christian Bök.

I believe I discovered Bök through the poetry blog of Ron Silliman. The reason I choose him and not a particular poem, is that he is considered an "experimental poet".

The best thing I suggest is to take a moment and read "chapter e" from Eunoia here.

Bök is a sound poet. He is better heard than read. There's a platform here from which to dive off into the pool of extensive audio archives on the web. You can download and/or listen to "Eunoia" here (among other things).

And for those of you who are linkophobic, just watch the following clip. He introduces and explains Eunoia, and reads/performs from it:

So this is a bit untraditional, but I wanted to give him proper mention as a favorite. At least from the BilliPod.

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