Monday, August 13, 2007

Ah, the Good Ol' Days!

My Aunt Lee dropped these my way a few weeks back, and they have been sitting on my desktop, just waiting to be posted. Worth some chuckles.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hoch! Hach! Hecchhhhh!

"To Put a Smile in Your Smoking" ....... (and spots on your lungs!)


See, honey?! All those times at Mayfair Market in Eagle Rock when I tried to put the 10-pound tin of lard in our cart, I was looking out for our own good!


And more Camels smoked Doctors than any other cigarette!


Ho! Ho! Ho!


Next up.....the revolutionary pull tab!


Yum! And if that doesn't work, try a jar full of leeches!


No Comment. Really.

1 comment:

Eric Valentine said...

A chuckle indeed, they are some nice looking labels you have there ~ Good post. :)